Women in Africa

I found this article  that I thought had to be shared. Tragic to think that this sort of treatment  still exists ...   Women in Culture There are exceptions to every rule but when it comes to women there are ongoing aches and frustrations that never go away. They concern … [Read more...]

Menstrual Health and Pelvic Floor Exercises

An interesting article relating menstrual health. This article includes tips to strengthen the pelvic floor and the use of a menstrual cup. I know we all need to strengthen our pelvic floor, and I found this fantastic article  that is most beneficial. See below. The evidences of practicing Pelvic … [Read more...]

Ways to ease the pain

I came across this great article about Traditional Chinese Medicine on Women's Health. See below .... As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner specializing in Women's Health, many of the women that come to my practice have menstrual imbalances resulting in painful periods, pre-menstrual … [Read more...]

Introduction to the Menstrual cup

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A bell-shaped brand of menstrual cup (left) which is about 2 inches (5.7 cm) long, not including the stem. A disposable softcup (right) looks similar to a contraceptive diaphragm and is about 3 inches (7 cm) in diameter. A menstrual cup is a flexible … [Read more...]

The Benefits of the Luna Cup

The Benefits Initially you may find the idea of a menstrual cup unappealing, but the Luna cup has endless benefits, it is more healthy, cost effective and convenient than tampons or pads and is so eco friendly. The average woman uses 11,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime. This waste and the … [Read more...]