A menstrual cup is the answer,

My husband found this article  by Pride Nlyea, and very kindly sent it to me. I grew up in Zimbabwe and find this situation absolutely tragic.  A menstrual cup from Lunacups.com would help.


Govt Must Tackle Girls’ Nightmare, Menstruation

With the United States dollar out of reach of many, young girls and women in Zimbabwe are reportedly resorting to old clothes and rags as protection during the menstruation period.

A packet of sanitary wear costs not less than two dollars and this seems unaffordable to many young girls whose parents are either late or out of work.

Ruvimbo Dakarai (15) from Old Mabvuku is one such girl who is failing to afford proper sanitary wear. Dakarai says she had to device her own ways of overcoming stress during menstruation by resorting to her old clothes.

This has worked for Dakarai as she can now confidently attend school without fears of spoiling her uniform in front of classmates.

She says her parents struggle to raise her school fees and food. This according to Dakarai means there will be no money for her sanitary wear which the family regards as luxury.

Dakarai added that her mother who understands her predicament is unemployed meaning the whole family depends on the father for survival.

Mrs. Majeza a teacher at a certain school in Harare said menstruation period was the most difficult time for school going children as it affected their participation in class especially if they do not have proper sanitary wear.

“During their menstruation periods young girls lack confidence to stand and participate in class because they fear to have messed their clothes while seated.

“At the end of the day they will resort to absconding lessons during their cycles,” Majeza said.

Majeza added that “If a girl is putting on latex or cotton sanitary wear she feels confident to go to school, to stand and participate and she will be having a sense of dignity”.

To read further,  http://www.zimeye.org/govt-must-tackle-girls-nightmare-menstruation