Menstrual cup dangers

Are their any dangers in using a reusable menstrual cup like the Luna Cup?

Answer: As long as the cup is used correctly, cleaned well and maintained, reusable silicone menstrual cups are safe and generally free of dangers. The Luna Cup is a small, eco friendly silicone, reusable cup that is placed in the vagina for up to 10 hours to collect menstrual blood. The cup is able to hold up to one ounce of fluid (most women have an average monthly flow of 1-2 ounces). During the period of menstruation, the luna cup is emptied out, cleaned and washed with mild soapy water, and then reinserted as it is needed. Most women we understand empty the cup once in the morning and again once in the evening.

Just as young women who use tampons for the first time discover, menstrual cups can take a bit of time to get used to using and there may be a bit of an “yuck” factor for you to overcome. Happy women users love the fact that menstrual cups can be worn safely for much longer than a tampon or pad (which require changing every 3-7 hours). The luna cup is excellent for activities where changing tampons would be next to impossible (like a day-long hiking or adventure trip). Most women also say that the Luna cup is far less irritating to use than pads or tampons.