Menstrual Health and Pelvic Floor Exercises

An interesting article relating menstrual health. This article includes tips to strengthen the pelvic floor and the use of a menstrual cup. I know we all need to strengthen our pelvic floor, and I found this fantastic article  that is most beneficial. See below.

The evidences of practicing Pelvic floor exercises to abate the menstrual ailments have no direct literature support. So, I tried to pursue this as a research within the professional ambit of Physiotherapists, with a title “To explore the cryptic benefits of pelvic floor exercises in relation to menstruation”. Although literature exactly related to this research were scarce or found none, two predominant hypothesis were set on the basis of anatomical vicinity of the Pelvic floor muscles and the female reproductive system and they were

[1] PFE could draw attention of the neuro-vascular structures to render sufficient blood and hormonal supply to the female reproductive organs to orchestrate healthy menstrual events

[2] PFE could control the extent of endometrial necrosis.

Instructions to the participants:

Special instructions were given to the participants to carry out the exercises in a pulsatile fashion / day, in respect to the pulsatile GnRH secretion from the hypothalamus, to signal the neuro-vascular structures
about the requirements of nutrients to the reproductive organs. The participants were instructed to contract Pelvic floor muscles for not less than 50 – 100 times / day.

Benefits obtained by the participants:

The beneficial properties of PFE were found to be several like reduction in menstrual pain [including lower abdominal pain, back pain, leg and calf pain], decrease in the extent and days of bleeding, regulation of menstrual cycles, disappearance of pre-menstrual tension, reduced gastro-intestinal disturbances during menstruation, decreased mastalgia, improved confidence to confront the menstruation and ability to prevent menstrual leakage during the activities that raises Intra-abdominal pressure like coughing, sneezing, laughing and others.


Gynecologists and Endocrinologists can show enthusiasm to further explore (using a large number of participants) to reveal the entire benefits of PFE. Moreover, women suffering of various gynecological disorders with structural and functional abnormality of reproductive system,including menstrual maladies, can be experimented whether if they also are ideal respondents to salutary effects of Pelvic floor exercises, along with the existing prophylaxis.

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