That Odor …

We have all experienced that uncomfortable odor associated with our monthly cycle. If you haven’t already changed to using a menstrual cup. Then let that be your first solution.

Change your lunacups every 12 hours (at the minimum).  More frequent if you are having a heavier period. The longer the blood is in you, the higher risk of having that menstrual odor.

If at all possible, rinse or clean your menstrual cup every time. Obviously in public bathrooms that is just not possible. The unpleasant smells can be deterred by a quick rinse between uses. (We will be adding sanitary wipes that you can keep in your purse to our site soon, that you can use to clean your menstrual cup bought from Lunacups )

Please be sure to always boil your Menstrual cup between your cycles and/or  wash with a bit of soap and water. Rinse thoroughly.  This way you will fully sterilize it. Allow it to air dry if possible.

Common vaginal infections such as a yeast infection can cause an unpleasant odor.If you have a strong smell coming from your vagina, it may be time to visit the Dr.