The Benefits of the Luna Cup

The Benefits

Initially you may find the idea of a menstrual cup unappealing, but the Luna cup has endless benefits, it is more healthy, cost effective and convenient than tampons or pads and is so eco friendly.

The average woman uses 11,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime. This waste and the associated packaging all end up flushed down the toilet or dumped in landfill sites. The Luna cup is friendly to the environment as there is no waste associated.

The Luna cup is made from FDA approved, medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone, and contains no harmful chemicals, or additives.It is non-absorbent so it does not upset the delicate balance inside the vagina; it does not cause dryness and does not upset the balance of your body and Toxic Shock Syndrome is not possible.
It is suitable for women who have allergies and sensitive skin.

Luna cup is convenient and reusable so you always have it with you when you need it most! It can be left in place for up to 12 hours, and can be used every day during you period with either a light or heavy flow. There is no leakage, as is fits conveniently onto the vagina wall.

The Luna cup is so cost effective, and has a life span of approximately 5 years.