Women in Africa

I found this article  that I thought had to be shared. Tragic to think that this sort of treatment  still exists …


Women in Culture

There are exceptions to every rule but when it comes to women there are ongoing aches and frustrations that never go away. They concern discrimination, bullying and lack of opportunities that most will suffer throughout their lives. No matter what country one looks at the volume of problems women face for their sexuality are insurmountable for the majority.

What makes men so rigid in their disregard for them is possibly the way they were reared. From the outset a male child is different and is much preferred by many parents over his sister. He is looked upon with respect and an attitude that enforces the notions of strength and leadership potential. The girl, on the other hand, is more likely to be protected and treated with a form of gentleness that impresses on her that she should not attempt to be like her brother because she is not up to his measure.

This thinking is prominent in countries like China and India where female children may be aborted or murdered at birth. In other places they are traded as wives to older men, which may happen even before the girl has reached puberty. Some societies insist on female circumcision whereby the damage done during the removal of the clitoris is such that child bearing is extremely difficult. In parts of Africa, such as Ethiopia, female children sold as brides get pregnant straight away and usually end up with holed vagina walls and an incontinence problem after birthing their first baby. They are then outcasts because of the smell and constant leaking of urine.

A male child is an heir to the family’s fortunes and he is expected to take charge when his time comes so his value as a potential leader is nurtured. A female child tends to be dominated by brothers, aunts and uncles if left in a similar situation and she is not expected to become a leader. It takes a strong female mind to overcome the way she is treated and expected to act and that causes her more problems.

Educated and intelligent women are not welcome in the majority of cases. Men show their jealousy towards them in various ways and bullying, put down or ridicule as well as denying them support and opportunities are just some of the weapons men use to bring women into line. Women who rise to the top, such as the Australian Prime Minister and first female in that job, may be targeted on a daily basis by the media, politicians and those who are out for their blood simply because of who they are.

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