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FAQ – menstrual cup questions

At Lunacups.com We’re always happy to hear from you, so please feel free to send us any menstrual cup related questions you may have. 

How do I insert the menstrual cup?

 The Luna menstrual cup is made of soft pliable medical grade silicone, and is easily folded in half. Just fold and insert. 

How do I remove the menstrual cup?

The Luna menstrual cup is made of soft pliable medical grade silicone, and is easily folded in half. Just pinch the sides together carefully and remove in a downwards movement.

How long can I use it for before emptying it?

Generally speaking, the cup can be used for 8 to 10 hours before emptying.  However, every woman is different, and has different flows.  This will all depend on you.

How long will the menstrual cup last me before replacement is required?

With proper care and cleaning, a good quality menstrual cup like the Lunacup can last for many years.  An average life span can be upto 5 years of a Luna period cup.

Will the menstrual cup get stuck in me?

No, this is highly improbable. If you feel your cup is stuck, insert your fingers around the base of the cup and gently pull it down.

Can a menstrual cup cause prolapsed organs?

Recent studies in the UK have shown this is possible if not inserted correctly and removed correctly. However a number of things can weaken the pelvis floor, including childbirth, age, being overweight and a job that requires heavy lifting. 


Can you get Toxic Shock Syndrome from a menstrual cup?

Great question! It’s possible but highly unlikely. There are very few cases of TSS relating to menstrual cup use that have been reported. At least of one of the cases was due to very prolonged use. Such a slight possibility though if you follow the usage guidelines.

Can I do inverted yoga poses with a menstrual cup in?

There has been a lot of debate over whether you can do yoga while on your period and even more questions about whether doing upside down poses will cause your blood to leak all over you. 

Thanks to the suction of the menstrual cup, this isn’t something you should worry about. Staying upside down for a long time might weaken the seal but if you’re just going through asanas in a class, rest easy. It will not leak, but in most yoga circles, inversions are a no no while on your period.

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