Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you apply the Luna Lift Face Lift


 Putting this lift on is easy. These surgical grade, transparent, hypoallergenic tapes are connected to a super thin piece of elastic with barbs on each end. Simply put the barb into the hole in each piece of tape. Peel off the paper backing and apply. Each kit comes with detailed instructions. 

Instantaneously cheekbones are redefined, jowls disappear and skin is smooth and firmer. Please view all 3 of the "How To Videos" and watch how quick and easy it is to apply. 

2. What does the Face Lift feel like?


 Customers have made the analogy between the LIFT and wearing your hair in a pony tail. It doesn’t hurt, but you know you are wearing one. You may at first be aware you have it on, but soon you forget that you are wearing it. You can wear it as loose or tight as you would like. We recommend you sit down and read through the directions at least once before use and keep the directions handy to refer to later. 

3. How often can I use it?


 You can wear this lift every single day and all day.  The Luna Face Lift   was designed to allow for the lifestyles of every woman. Some wear it on a daily basis while others opt for use on special occasions. Please note that each application requires a new set of tapes and that is why the kit comes with 40 pieces of tape. Refill tapes can be ordered. 

4. How long can I wear the Face Lift?


 You can wear the lift all day/night as long as 20 hours straight providing that you have prepared your skin with alcohol first for maximum hold and pull. 

5. Will it come off unexpectedly?


 The Luna Face Lift  should remain secure as long as directions are followed (use of alcohol on clean clean skin) and a new set of adhesives are applied with each use to clean, dry, and oil-free skin. 

6. How is it hidden? How can I prevent the tapes from showing?


 The transparent, medical grade, hypoallergenic tape used with The FRESHFACE LIFT is one inch in size and once applied is very much like a second skin. Applied generally at the top of the jaw line where the sideburns begin for the Sideburn lift, on the temples for the Lateral Eyelift and behind the earlobes on the neck for the Face/Neck lift, the matte finish makes it easy to conceal and the tapes are transparent!